Original, entertaining, interactive biology learning activities
  Cartoon Mini-Lectures
  One-page biology cartoons with explanations.
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 Intestinal Gas
 Enzyme Characteristics
 Receptor and Signal as "Lock and Key"
  Learn biology terms by dragging and dropping to show category relationships. Includes terms from a growing list of biology topics.
Version 1.2 - Features include a "Shuffle" button to focus your learning, and the ability to bookmark a quiz.
Last quiz added 16-Oct-02.
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  Evolution Lab
  Do-it-yourself evolution! Use this humorous but powerful simulation tool to test the effects of selection, mutation and chance on the evolution of a trait.
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  ATP and Energy Storage
  Find out why eating lunch really is like "recharging your batteries."
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  Fat Digestion and Bile
  Find out why digesting cheesecake is like washing the dishes--even if you like cheesecake!
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  Thyroid Gland
and Negative Feedback
  A series of animations illustrating the role of negative feedback in regulating the level of thyroid hormone in the blood.
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  The Cardiovascular System
  This tutorial uses 3D animations to explain the basic design of the mammalian cardiovascular system.
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  Cell Division Exercise
  When a cell divides, what happens to its chromosomes? Drag and drop to find out if you know the answers. This exercise covers both mitosis and meiosis.
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  Urine Concentration
in 3 Easy Steps
  One of the most difficult topics in basic physiology is how the kidneys work. Here we focus on how the kidney tubules produce a concentrated urine.
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