Since its inception in August 2002, BiologyInMotion has received the following awards, honors and reviews:
1/15/03 Voice of America Internet Site Teaches Biology Through Cartoons "The use of simple objects to demonstrate complex very effective."
1/7/03 American Association for the Advancement of Science Listed as a Recommended Resource on Science NetLinks "The site's combination of animations and interactive activities gives the visitor a rich, fulfilling experience."
12/23/02 The Exploratorium Ten Cool Sites, Dec 2002/Jan 2003 (monthly selection) (The Exploratorium is a world-renowned science museum with one of the most-visited museum websites in the world)
12/15/02 The Washington Times Teacher makes biology entertaining (weekly column) "Grade: A"
"The quintessential biology quiz can be found under the Organize-It module"
12/6/02 Eisenhower National Clearinghouse Digital Dozen, Dec 2002 (monthly selection) (Digital Dozen is "a list of exemplary websites for educators")
11/22/02 Yahooligans 5 Coolest Sites (weekly selection) (Yahooligans is a kids' version of the Yahoo directory)
10/16/02 USA Today Hot Sites, 10/16/02 (daily selection) "An impressive body of work"
Oct 2002 Education World Best of 2002 (top 20 sites),
Review, Oct 2002 (monthly review)
"A must-see site for biology teachers and students"